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Large Precision Gear Machining in Utica, MI

Markets Served

Construction & Mining

Avon Machining has the unique ability to process or large precision gear machining in Utica, MI. We handle large diameter, tight tolerance, and complex parts for the construction and mining industry. We are able to accomplish this with large and sophisticated CNC equipment, capable of machining over 40”(1000mm) in diameter. This equipment includes the ability to do 5-axis machining up to 61”(1550mm) diameter, shaping up to 36”(915mm) diameter and 10”(250mm) face width, as well as hobbing, balancing, grinding.

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Heavy Truck

Providing CNC machining services for bearing races, stators, brake drums, speed sensors and rotors, Avon Machining is well equipped to supply the Heavy Truck industry. With a wide variety of in-house manufacturing capabilities and the latest CNC technology, Avon manages the transformation of raw material into finished product seamlessly and efficiently.

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Avon Machining supplies axle shafts, planetary gear sets, and water pump gears to the agricultural industry. With our sophisticated equipment and manufacturing expertise, Avon Machining provides axle shafts up to 80 inches long and 18 inches in diameter. Using the latest, state of the art CNC gear manufacturing equipment, we have large precision gear that can produce planetary gears, sun gears, and ring gears down to 2 D.P. (12.7 mod).

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Oil & Gas

In addition to providing expertise on new large-component program development, oil and gas industry companies can take advantage of Avon’s capabilities to provide faster, more cost-efficient replacement parts to avoid unnecessary rig downtime – potentially saving millions of dollars in lost production. Avon has invested in new equipment that meets the specific demands of these industries, which helps improve customer efficiency and profitability.

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